Wedding Event at Sentosa Park Ahmedabad

🎸🎀 Elevate Your Wedding Celebration with a Live Band! πŸŽ‰πŸ’

Make your special day truly unforgettable with the electrifying energy and soul-stirring melodies of a live band! 🌟🎀

Why Choose a Live Band for Your Wedding?

🎢 Dynamic Performances: Experience the thrill of live music as our talented musicians and vocalists deliver dynamic performances that captivate your guests and keep the dance floor packed all night long.

🎸 Versatile Repertoire: From classic love songs to chart-topping hits and genre-spanning medleys, our live band offers a versatile repertoire that appeals to guests of all ages and musical tastes, ensuring that everyone has a memorable time.

🌟 Interactive Engagement: Engage with your audience and create unforgettable moments as our interactive live band interacts with your guests, takes song requests, and adapts their setlist to match the vibe and energy of your wedding celebration.

Our Live Band Services

πŸ₯ Professional Musicians: Our experienced musicians are seasoned professionals who bring passion, talent, and expertise to every performance, guaranteeing a high-energy show that leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests.

🎀 Customized Setlists: Work closely with our band leader to create a customized setlist that reflects your personal preferences, favorite songs, and meaningful moments, ensuring that every musical selection resonates with the spirit of your love story.

πŸ’ƒ Unforgettable Performances: From the romantic first dance to the celebratory grand finale, let the soulful sounds and infectious rhythms of our live band set the stage for unforgettable moments that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime.

Let’s Make Your Wedding Music Dreams a Reality!

At Udaipur Corporate Event Management, we’re committed to making your wedding celebration an extraordinary experience. Contact us today to learn more about our live band services and let’s create a musical masterpiece that brings your wedding vision to life! 🎡🌹✨


🎀Retro Orchestra Singer
🎀Bollywood Female Singer
🎀Bollywood Male Singer
🎀Singer with Guitar
🎀3 Piece Band
🎀Mayra Mehndi Singer
🎀Musical Phere
🎀Ghazal Singer
🎀Qawwali Singer
🎀Sufi Singer

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πŸŽ­πŸŽ‰ Add Whimsical Charm to Your Wedding with a Puppet Show! πŸ’’βœ¨

Transport your guests to a world of enchantment and wonder with the delightful artistry of a puppet show entertainment at your wedding! πŸ€Ήβ€β™‚οΈπŸŽΆ

Why Choose a Puppet Show for Your Wedding?

🎭 Unique Entertainment: Set your wedding apart with a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience that captivates guests of all ages and adds a touch of whimsy and charm to your celebration.

πŸŽ‰ Interactive Fun: Engage your guests with interactive puppet performances that invite participation and create memorable moments, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

πŸ’– Versatile Appeal: From classic fairy tales and beloved characters to custom narratives that reflect your love story, a puppet show offers versatile storytelling options that resonate with audiences of diverse backgrounds and interests.

Our Puppet Show Offerings

πŸ€Ήβ€β™‚οΈ Professional Puppeteers: Our skilled puppeteers bring years of experience and creativity to every performance, delivering captivating shows that enchant and delight audiences of all sizes.

🎢 Tailored Performances: Work with our puppet show team to customize the performance to suit your wedding theme, venue, and preferences, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances the overall ambiance of your special day.

✨ Memorable Moments: Create magical memories as you and your guests are transported to a world of imagination and fantasy, where anything is possible and joy abounds in every puppetry gesture and storyline twist.

Let’s Bring Your Wedding Vision to Life!

At Udaipur Corporate Event Management, we’re dedicated to making your wedding celebration an extraordinary experience. Contact us today to learn more about our puppet show entertainment services and let’s create a whimsical wonderland for your special day! πŸŽ­πŸŒŸπŸŽ‰


Mehndi with Carnival
Mehndi Girls
Astrologer with Parrot
Lac Bangle Making
Tattoo Art
Nail Art
Block Print
Sketch Artist
Mud Art (Pot Maker)
Puppet Show
36 States Turban Photo Booth
Rajasthani Folk Dancers
Tarot Card Reader
Fabric Jewellery Stall
Bangle Stall Qty-200 Pair
Jutti Mojadi Stall
Potli Stall
Lehariya Duppata Stall
Gajra Stall
Carry Bag Stall
Instant Photo Print
Kite Flying
Gas Balloon
Message Board
Rajasthani Dress PhotoBooth Stall
Spa Girls
Live sketch artist

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